Service vilkår

1# Right of withdrawal

we select and say that if an error occurs with the setup, then the 14 day return rate applies

2# Payment

all payment run through paypal as we believe it is most secure for the users and us

3# Data & DDoS

We are not responsible if you lose your data (recommend you have a local backup). we are also not responsible for if your server is exposed to DDoS

4# Support

we like to support discord, but we strongly encourage you to use our website as it is P2P (Supporter to Client), or our email

5# Suspension

We would always have full right to and be able to Suspend and terminate your server / service if you violate these Terms and Conditions

6# Termination

All termination must be done by the user himself (inc paypal subscriptions show it does not happen automatically) and the server, it must be done on our website and on paypal's own website

7# Personal data

As a customer of Potionhost, you are obliged to keep up to date on potionhost personal data policies See it here

8# Our Rights to your server

We reserve all rights to control and manage files and settings on your server, including but not limited to plugins, logs, and IP addresses. The server's assigned IP address, port and domain are administered by us. We therefore reserve the right to change this without notice.

9# Plugin Support(Minecraft)

We would love to help with your plugins

*we can be very busy so therefore we would like to ask you up and make a support ticket on it

*we do not help and set up an entire server. but like basic plugins such as: sethome & Essentials.

10# EULA

as a user of Potionhost and tenant of server. then automatically accepts Minecraft EULA and potionhost assumes no responsibility

11# Storage space

We provide 10 Gb (10240 mb) for Minecraft servers. You must not have other types of redundant files that are not related to the function of the server.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call our support

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