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1-Click installer

Easy installation with 1-Click Installer. Access a wide range of scripts at McSkrips.net and install them with just one click. All necessary plugins and addons are automatically installed along with the script.

Shared payments

If you and your friends want to share the payment, it can be split between you at no extra cost.

Modular server

Our advanced modular system provides full control over your server. Customize RAM and vCores to shape your ideal server, whether it's a single powerful instance, multiple smaller servers, or an entire network. Regardless of your community size and game content, you can customize every detail to meet your desires.


We have developed our own automated systems and user panel, making your hosting experience more efficient and user-friendly.

Feature request

We value our customers' feedback, and we are always open to improvements. Tell us your desires and needs so we can continue to develop our user panel in the direction our customers want.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed
Stable servers with low ping
We offer stable server performance with low ping thanks to our own servers located in Denmark and powered by powerful processors.
Minimal downtime
We can guarantee minimal downtime and reliable performance thanks to our strong and stable servers. Additionally, we offer DDoS protection for extra security and peace of mind.
Skilled support
Our skilled and experienced support team is ready to assist you with any challenges or questions you may have.